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Brand Image, No Control = No Identity

Thursday, January 29, 2015 - by Alex Hunter

Brand Image Photo LogoEvery company has its own brand image, usually generated by a creative agency under the watchful eye of the business owner and/or the sales/marketing department. After the brand image is defined, it is further developed through promotion and PR activities all of which are organised by different parts of the organisation at different times.

Over time employees come and go and different creative, PR agencies and photographers are used. The more organisations involved the bigger the image definition control problem. This leads to expensive brand images being scattered across different media, like USB memory sticks, CD’s or even lost altogether, so that, when that logo, photo, team or product shot is required it just can’t be found.

Time after time no one in the company has overall control of the firm’s brand assets, they are not readily available nor can they be quickly be found by anyone who wants them. In the fast paced digital communication age, this leads to brand misrepresentation, frustrating and expensive delays or even missed opportunities.

We paused for a moment & thought (dangerous I know), realistically who has time or the desire to sort, copy and file all those images?

Image FetchNo one, so we made Image Fetch to take care of it all for you, it allows you to access all your images securely 24/7/365, sort them anyway you want and we take care of all the filing & cross referencing. You get the logo, image or other visual asset that you are looking for quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world without having to do all the boring housekeeping.

Image cloud store access 24/7/365

Sound interesting? (check out our 1 minute video about Image Fetch)

We’re working with NEPIC and a range of other top North East companies who are reaping the benefits

Time for a spring clean? We can help you save time and money, send us all your current and past images, logos and visual assets and we will assemble them into a secure cloud based system which will allow you to find what you want fast.

Contact us by phone (01207) 599 398 or email info@securephotograpghicservices.com or just fill out the form & we’ll contact you, we’d love to talk to you

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